Prepare the installation package

The manufacturer making equipment installation and debugging technology plan together

Equipment lifting, transportation, operation procedures, equipment installation location, operating technical

Provide the manufacturer guidance installation work plan;

Provide the manufacturer equipment empty load and no-load commissioning work plan and commissioning

Service commitment

Provided free of charge year maintenance equipment; Lifelong maintenance.

Free to provide customers with production process and process improvement consulting, process operating personnel

Free to provide customers with comprehensive technical guidance and training.

Provide customers with free training equipment daily maintenance and maintenance personnel.

Questions to the customer, with the fastest speed to provide quality services..

Based on the customer, improve the quality.

The service cycle corresponding

When a customer need on-site service, after receiving the request service personnel will call back in an

Within 100 km in 20 km, service personnel will be on the scene in 24 hours.

In the 100 kilometers (domestic), service personnel will be arrived at the scene within 48 hours. Due to irresistible factors, service personnel can't arrived on time, service personnel should negotiate with the client, to determine in a timely manner.